Hospital Infections and Prevention Methods

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____ infections, such as drug-resistant MRSA and staph infections, can contaminate hospitals and spread easily among patients.


Vectors, such as acuity and severity of illness, can impact patient flow and ______ options.


Vaccines and sterile sanitizers are essential tools in preventing the spread of germs and diseases like ______.


Asymptomatic infections can be spread through oral transmission or via ______, leading to outbreaks of diseases like chickenpox, measles, and rubella.


Rashes, shingles, and rheumatoid arthritis can be complications of certain ______.


Ischemic strokes and side effects from medications can also occur in some ______.


Match the following treatments with their appropriate administration routes:

Rectal ointments = Per rectum Sublingual medications = Oral Suppositories = Per os Intravenous medications = Intravenous

Match the following conditions with their potential complications:

Rashes = Certain infections Shingles = Certain infections Rheumatoid arthritis = Certain infections Ischemic strokes = Medications

Match the following symptoms with their associated medical conditions:

Vomiting = Medical conditions Diarrhea = Medical conditions Fistulas = Medical conditions Accelerated heart rate = COPD exacerbation

Match the following tools with their purpose in preventing disease spread:

Vaccines = Preventing spread of diseases like hepatitis Sterile sanitizers = Preventing spread of germs and diseases

Match the following infections with their mode of transmission:

Asymptomatic infections = Carriers

Match the following vectors with their impact on patient care:

Vectors = Treatment options

Learn about nosocomial infections like MRSA and staph infections, and how to prevent their spread in hospitals. Explore the impact of pneumonia, urinary catheter infections, vectors, vaccines, and sanitizers in controlling the transmission of diseases.

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