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Above Image is of Manchester 235. Guess its Location?

Watson Street

Guess name and location of the above premises.

esea contemporary, Thomas Street

Guess name and location of above.

1761 Manchester, Booth Street

What is name and location of above premises?

Browns Manchester, York Street

Where is The Mitre Hotel located.

Shambles Square

Name and locate above building.

Stage & Radio, Port Street

Name and Locate building Above.

Roslyee , Stevenson Square

Name building above.

Revolution - Arkwright House, Parsonage Gardens

Name and tell location of the Pub above.

Mulligans Deansgate, 12 Southgate

Where is the above Night club located?

Arndale, Withy Grove

Name and locate building above.

Hotel Gotham , Spring Gardens

Name and locate above building.

The Abel Heywood, Turner Street

Name and locate above image

Port Street Beer House, Port Street

Locate above Image

Peter Street

Locate the Above Hotel.

Dearmans Place

Name and Locate Above Image.

The Wine Inn, Kennedy Street

Name and Locate above

Double Tree by Hilton , Auburn Street

Locate Above Building

Princess Street

Name and Locate Above building.

Town Hall Extension, Mount Street

On Which street above Theater is .

Cross Street

On Which Street Sunlight House is?

Quay Street

Name the location of above Image.

Hilton Street

Tell the Location of the Police Museum.

Newton Street

What is location of above building?

Thomas Street

Which street is shown in the above picture?

Peter Street

Which street is shown in the above picture?

Thomas Street

Name street in the picture?

High Street

Where is this pub located?

Peter Street

Where is above restaurant located?

Thomas Street

Choose correct street for Midlands Hotel

Peter Street

Name and locate building above

Manchester Hall, Bridge Street

Name and Locate the restaurant.

San Carlo, King Street

On which street The Crafty Pig is Located?

Oldham Street

Name and Locate Building shown in Image.

Thomas Chop House, Cross Street

Where is Cote Brasseri Located?

St Mary's Street

Study Notes

Building Identification

  • The image is of Manchester 235, a nightclub.
  • The Mitre Hotel is located in Manchester.
  • The building above is a pub, located on a street.
  • The Sunlight House is located on a street.
  • The Police Museum is located in a specific location.
  • The Midlands Hotel is located on a specific street.
  • The Crafty Pig is located on a specific street.
  • Cote Brasserie is located on a specific street.

Note: The exact locations of the buildings and streets are not specified in the text, so they are not included in the summary.

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