Units and Measurements in Medical Biophysics

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What is the purpose of fixing a standard unit for physical quantities?

To provide a basis for comparison and measurement

How is measurement of a physical quantity expressed?

In terms of a number and a specific unit

Why do we need an internationally acquired standard unit?

To make measurements universal and standardized

What is the function of Vernier calipers, Micrometers, and spherometers?

To measure distances too small for a meter rule

What is the purpose of the sliding scale on a Vernier caliper?

To allow for more accurate measurements of small distances

What is the term for the resistance to the flow of an electrical current?


Which term refers to the measure of how much a material opposes the flow of electric current?


What is the term for the process of slowing down or stopping something, such as the flow of an electric current?


Which term refers to the property of a material to store electrical energy when an electric field is applied?


What is the term for the opposition that a circuit offers to the passage of a current when a voltage is applied?


Learn about the theory of units and measurements in Medical Biophysics, including the use of ruler, vernier, and micrometer. Understand the importance of standard units and how they enable quantitative comparisons of physical quantities.

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