Uniqueness of Human Language

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What are some practical applications of studying language according to the text?

Developing better teaching tools, designing computers for human interaction, treating speech and language disorders

Why is grammar considered more complex than what is typically taught in school?

Grammar is a complex phenomenon but every human masters the grammar of some language

What interesting feature about certain languages is highlighted in the text?

Some languages use cardinal directions instead of right and left

What is the task of a linguist according to the text?

To tease apart the patterns of various aspects of human language in order to discover how language works.

Explain the significance of the principle that 'Language is systematic in spite of its enormous complexity' as mentioned in the text.

Despite the complexity of language, it can be studied scientifically due to its systematic nature.

How does the text describe the variation in language according to the principles discussed?

Language varies systematically from person to person, region to region, and situation to situation, with variation at every level of structure.

What is the difference between linguistic competence and linguistic performance?

Linguistic competence is the potential to speak a language stored in the mind, while linguistic performance is the observable realization of that potential in speech.

Using the example of walking, explain the concept of competence and performance.

Walking competence is the ability to walk, even when not actively doing so, while walking performance is the actual act of walking.

Why do linguists use linguistic performance as a basis for understanding linguistic competence?

Linguistic competence cannot be directly observed, so linguists use linguistic performance to draw conclusions about competence.

What are the key elements in any communication system as outlined by Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver?

Information source, transmitter, signal, receiver, destination

How does language function as a communication system according to the text?

One person acts as the information source and transmitter, sending a signal to another person who acts as a receiver and destination.

Why is it important to know a lot about your language when using it as a communication system?

To effectively act as either the source and transmitter or as the receiver and destination.

Explore the creative and complex nature of human language and its unique features that set humans apart from other species. Delve into how humans manipulate language elements to express complex thoughts and understand unfamiliar words and sentences.

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