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What is culture defined as?

A body of learned behaviors shared by individuals within a society

Which of the following is an example of material culture?


What do symbols in culture include?

Gestures, language, values, norms, sanctions

What is the function of language in culture?

Allows complex, shared, goal-directed behavior

What term is used to describe something to which people attach meaning and use to communicate in culture?


Which of the following is an element of culture?

Belief System

Which of the following represents the nonmaterial culture?


Which term refers to the socially accepted conventional standards of behavior and moral judgment within a culture?


What type of culture includes items like jewelries, arts, weapons, and clothing?

Material culture

What cultural element encompasses social expectations, rules, and customs governing behavior?


What term is used to describe a religious group that is highly bureaucratized and may have national and international headquarters directing local congregations?


Which term refers to a new or different religion whose teachings and practices put it at odds with the dominant culture and religion?


What are the three elements in defining religion as discussed in the text?

Beliefs, rituals, and practices

What term is used to describe a religious group larger than a cult, whose members still feel tension between their views and the prevailing beliefs and values of the broader society?


What does religion provide as a bridge that allows humans to approach the divine, the universal life force that encompasses and transcends the world?

Rituals and practices

Test your knowledge of culture with this quiz. Explore the importance of culture, its impact on society and how it shapes human behavior.

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