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Which species of Homo is known for its small body size, standing at around 3 feet tall?

Homo Florensiensis

Which Homo species is considered the closest relative to modern humans?

Homo Neanderthalensis

Which Homo species is known for creating art in cave paintings and crafting decorated tools and accessories?

Homo Sapies Sapiens

Which Homo species is known to have lived in colder climates and hunted large animals?

Homo Heidelbergensis

Which Homo species is known to have used oral language?

Homo Sapiens

Which Homo species is known to have lived on the island of Luzon in the Philippines and challenged the outdated idea of human evolution?

Homo Luzonensis

Which literary element focuses on the personality, traits, and motivations of a character in a story?


What is the term used for the events and their sequence in a story?


Which Filipino writer was inspired by Magdalena Jalandoni and Ramon Muzones?


What type of writing reflects a person's history but is written by someone else?


Which work by Antonio Enriquez had the original title 'The Surveyors of the Linguasan March'?

Green Sanctuary

What is the primary focus of cultural relativism?

Recognizing that ethical and social norms are derived from specific cultural contexts

What is the primary characteristic that distinguishes Homo erectus from Homo habilis?

The ability to walk upright and have a more modern skeletal structure

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an independent and equitable culture as defined by Republic Act No. 7356?

Promoting the adoption of a single, universal cultural standard

Which of the following best describes the concept of biological evolution?

The changes, modifications, and variations in inherited traits and genetics over generations

Which of the following is an example of nonmaterial culture, as described in the text?

Respect for the elderly and traditional singing practices

What is the primary characteristic that distinguishes ethnocentrism from cultural relativism?

Ethnocentrism recognizes that ethical and social norms are derived from specific cultural contexts, while cultural relativism judges other cultures based on one's own standards

What is the term for the diverseness of the novel's language?


Which context focuses on the relation between the writer's life and work?

Biographical Context

Who is known as the 'Bisdak' and writes in Cebuano?

Temistokles Adlawan

What term refers to the feeling of real in literature?


Which aspect of a story involves the physical attributes, get-up, or mannerisms of characters?

External Qualities

In Cebuano literature, what enables readers to imagine and portrays local dialects?

Local Color

Test your knowledge about culture with this UCSP reviewer. Learn about the definition of culture, its components, and relevant laws. Explore concepts such as independence, equity, and dynamism in culture.

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