Types of Road Systems

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What is a disadvantage of the radial system of road layout?

Traffic congestions

How is the problem of traffic congestion mitigated in a radial road system?

Implementing one-way streets or avenues

What purpose do circumferential highways serve in a road system?

Connect the radial roads together

Why are secondary roads sometimes laid when radial and circumferential highways are located far apart?

For use of local traffic

How does the rectangular system divide a city?

Into square blocks

What is a potential solution to minimize traffic congestions in a radial road system?

Providing one-way streets or avenues

In the radial system of road layout, what is the purpose of connecting radial routes with one-way streets or avenues?

To provide alternate routes to bypass the convergence point

Why are circumferential highways laid in a road system?

To prevent through traffic from going through the city center

What is one drawback of locating radial and circumferential highways too far apart in a road system?

Requirement for additional secondary roads

How does the rectangular system differ from the radial and circumferential systems of road layout?

It divides the city into rectangular blocks with streets laid in a specific direction

Learn about different types of road systems like Radial System and Circumferential System. Understand how each system is designed to manage traffic flow in cities and prevent congestion.

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