Types of Organizational Communication and Barriers to Effective Communication Quiz

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What type of communication provides feedback to organizational leaders about current problems or progress on goals?

Upward communication

Which barrier to effective communication involves assuming that the speaker will provide unimportant information?

Arriving late

What is a common barrier to effective communication related to judging the speaker based on mannerisms, voice, appearance, or accent?

Pre-judgments about the speaker

What type of communication takes place between people at the same level of the organization?

Crosswise communication

Which barrier to effective communication involves lack of concentration or interest?

Lack of concentration/interest

What barrier to effective communication involves only listening to what is considered interesting?

Selectively listening

What type of questions are perceived as a barrier to effective communication?

Closed questions

'False reassurance' is listed as a barrier related to which aspect of communication?

Judging the speaker by mannerisms

'Arriving late for a speech, presentation or lecture' is a barrier associated with which part of the communication process?

'Crosswise' communication

'Avoiding listening to difficult or complex information' can be categorized as a barrier associated with __________.

'Selectively listening'

Test your knowledge on upward and crosswise communication within organizations, as well as common barriers to effective communication such as pre-judgments and arriving late. Find out how well you understand different types of communication and challenges in the process.

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