Types of Computers

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What are the common types of computers based on their size?

Supercomputers, Mainframe computers, Minicomputers, Servers, Personal computers

Which type of computer is used by NASA Research Center, Banks, and Small institutions?

Mainframe computers

What is the primary function of all computers?

Transfer/Translate, Store, and Manipulate information (Data)

Match the following types of computers with their primary usage:

Supercomputers = High-performance computing Mainframe computers = Large-scale data processing Servers = Providing services to other computers Personal computers = Desktop, laptop and mobile usage

Match the following computer functions with their descriptions:

Transfer/translate = Converting and transmitting data from one form to another Store = Hold data for future use Manipulate information = Process and modify data to produce desired results Embedded Systems = Dedicated devices with specific functions

Match the following computer usage examples with their corresponding institutions:

NASA Research Center = Supercomputers Banks = Mainframe computers Small institutions = Minicomputers Web server = Servers

Learn about the different types of computers based on their size and usage, from supercomputers to personal computers and embedded systems. Understand how these devices are used to transfer, store, and manipulate information.

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