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What are tumor markers?

All of the above

Why are tumor markers not diagnostic for cancer?

They may also be elevated in non-cancerous conditions

What is a characteristic of an ideal tumor marker?

High specificity: Tumor marker should not present in healthy persons or present in small quantities

What is one of the applications of tumor markers in clinical oncology?


Why do some potential tumor markers cause great excitement at first but prove to be no more useful than markers already in use?

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Study Notes

Tumor Markers

  • Tumor markers are substances produced by cancer cells or by the body in response to cancer
  • They can be found in the blood, urine, or tissue of some patients with cancer

Limitations of Tumor Markers

  • Tumor markers are not diagnostic for cancer because they can also be elevated in benign conditions or other diseases
  • A positive result does not necessarily mean cancer is present

Ideal Tumor Marker Characteristics

  • An ideal tumor marker should be specific to cancer, sensitive, and easily measurable

Applications of Tumor Markers in Clinical Oncology

  • Tumor markers can be used to monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment, detect recurrence, and screen for cancer in high-risk individuals

Challenges in Developing New Tumor Markers

  • Some potential tumor markers initially show promise but ultimately prove to be no more useful than existing markers due to various limitations, such as low sensitivity or specificity

Test your knowledge about tumor markers, which are proteins produced in response to cancer growth or by cancer tissue itself. Some are specific to certain cancer types, while others are found in multiple types. This quiz covers the characteristics and limitations of tumor markers in cancer diagnosis.

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