Transition from Coal to Oil in the Royal Navy Quiz

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What was the greatest logistical headache for the fleet according to the passage?

Finding and securing sources of oil

According to Churchill, what were the advantages of oil over coal as a fuel for the fleet?

All of the above

Why did Lord Selborne consider the substitution of oil for coal impossible?

Oil does not exist in sufficient quantities in the world

Who was a key supporter of oil as fuel for the fleet and was renowned for many innovations in administration and engineering?

Admiral Fisher

What did Admiral Fisher consider to be a 'gospel fact' in 1902?

A fleet with oil fuel will have an overwhelming strategic advantage

What was the primary source of power for naval vessels when Churchill went to Whitehall in 1911?


What technological change was a great success in naval operations?

Adopting oil for submarines and destroyers

Why did the Royal Navy stimulate the transition from coal to oil?

To address the shortage of coal reserves in Britain

What was one of the disadvantages of using coal as a fuel for naval vessels?

It required extensive manpower for handling and transportation

What was the preferred type of coal mined in Wales and widely used by navies worldwide?

Anthracite coal

Test your knowledge of the transition by the Royal Navy (UK) from coal to oil, and the impacts of this technological change on military operations. Explore the complexities and strategic implications of this transition with this quiz.

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