Third Trimester Complications: Placenta Previa

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Which factor is not listed as a predisposing factor for placenta previa?

High maternal BMI

What is the main diagnostic method for placenta previa?

Ultrasonic Echo Sounding or Sonar

What should the patient do after emptying the bladder in preparation for Ultrasonic Echo Sounding?

Drink 6 glasses of water

What can ultrasound help diagnose during pregnancy?

Gestational age and intrauterine growth retardation

Which symptom is mentioned as the first and most constant in the text?

Painless bright red vaginal bleeding

What is the management approach mentioned for the condition described in the text?

Monitoring vital signs and preparing oxygen

What complication is associated with the condition described in the text?


At what gestational age can ultrasound diagnose pregnancy?

3-4 weeks

What can ultrasound visualize during pregnancy?

Size and growth rate of the amniotic sac

Test your knowledge about placenta previa, a condition characterized by the low implantation of the placenta, potentially obstructing the presenting part. Learn about predisposing factors, types, and diagnosis methods such as ultrasound.

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