Thermal Power Plant Components and Environmental Impacts Quiz

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Match the following fossil fuels with their common usage in thermal power generation:

Coal = Primary fuel for generating electricity Natural Gas = Used for peaking power plants Oil = Backup fuel for emergencies Peat = Limited use due to environmental concerns

Match the following thermal power plant components with their functions:

Boiler = Produces high-pressure steam Turbine = Converts steam energy into mechanical energy Condenser = Converts steam back to water Generator = Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

Match the following renewable energy sources with their potential integration in thermal power plants:

Biomass = Co-firing with coal in boilers Solar Power = Supplementing energy during daylight hours Geothermal Energy = Using natural heat for steam production Hydropower = Providing backup power during low demand

Match the following environmental impacts with their association to thermal power plants:

Air Pollution = Emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides Water Consumption = Large quantities for cooling purposes Land Degradation = Mining activities and ash disposal Carbon Emissions = Contribution to greenhouse effect

Test your knowledge of thermal power plants by matching components, fossil fuels, environmental impacts, and renewable energy sources with their respective functions, common usage, associations, and potential integration in thermal power generation. This quiz will help you understand the different aspects of thermal power generation.

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