The Voting Process in Canada

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Who is eligible to vote in a federal election in Canada?

Canadian citizens aged 18 years or older

What is the purpose of voting in Canada?

To have a say in government decisions

What is the phrase often used to encourage people to vote in Canada?

Every vote counts

What is the consequence of not voting in Canada?

Inability to complain about government decisions

What is a recommended step before casting a vote in Canada?

Follow multiple news sources

Voting is an important ______ responsibility.


If you don't vote, you can't ______.


A person's vote is like a ______ superpower.


Before casting a vote, it's important to do some ______.


Follow several ______ sources you trust.


Discover the ins and outs of the voting process in Canada with this informative quiz. Learn about who is eligible to vote, how to register, and more. Test your knowledge and get ready to exercise your right to vote!

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