Elections Process in Canada

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What is the primary responsibility of the Prime Minister in Canada?

Representing Canada domestically and internationally

In a Majority government in Canada, what advantage does the ruling party have?

More freedom and ability to pass laws without compromise

What role does the Governor General play in Canada's government?

Ensuring adherence to rules and regulations

What happens in a Minority government in Canada?

The ruling party secures fewer MP seats than all opposition parties combined

What is the main responsibility of Cabinet Ministers in Canada?

Providing essential federal services with oversight and advocacy

What is the role of the Speaker of the House in Canada?

Overseeing parliamentary conduct and debate

What happens to the MP candidate once they receive enough votes in a riding?

They and the political party they represent are given a seat in parliament

How is the winner of the Canadian election determined?

By the political party that elects the most MPs to geographic ridings

Who becomes the Prime Minister of Canada after an election?

The leader of the winning party

What key lesson was learned from the 1993 Canadian election?

Canadian democracy is accessible for 'protest parties'

What was a major issue in Canada during the 1993 election?

Debt and regional nationalism

Why did citizens in Western Canada and Quebec break ranks with the Progressive Conservative party during the 1993 election?

Concerns about affordability, debt, and regional nationalism

Learn about the process of counting votes and determining the winning party in Canadian elections. Understand how Members of Parliament are elected and how the leader of the winning party becomes the Prime Minister.

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