The Philosophy of Self

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According to Socrates, what is the value of examining one's life?

To strive for wisdom and perfection

According to Plato, what are the three parts of the soul/self?

Reason, Physical appetite, spirit/passion

According to Aristotle, how does the self/mind develop?

Through experiences

Which philosophical perspective advocates for embracing adversity and indifference to pleasure?


Which philosophical perspective believes that pleasure is the only good in life and our goal should be to maximize pleasure and minimize pain?


According to the Ancient Triumvirate, which philosopher believed that the soul strives for wisdom and perfection?


According to Plato, which part of the soul/self is associated with physical appetite?

Physical appetite

According to Aristotle, how is the self/mind developed?

Through experiences

Which philosophical perspective during the Ancient Triumvirate believed in embracing adversity and indifference to pleasure?


According to the Medieval Philosophy, what was the focus of Theo-centrism?

Being content with simple things in life

Discover different perspectives on the self through the lens of philosophy. Explore the teachings of Socrates and Plato, including the concept of the dualistic theory of body and soul. Find out how these ancient philosophers pondered the question, "Who am I?" and learn about their views on self-knowledge and personal growth.

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