The Outsiders Chapter 10 Summary

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Who drove the narrator home after the incident?


What injury did Soda have?

Black eye

Who had a band-aid over their forehead?


What was the narrator feeling when they said, 'I felt sick'?


Who was the only thing Dally loved?


What was the protagonist's state of mind as he walked down the hall?

Confused and dazed

Where did the protagonist believe Johnny might be, despite knowing the reality?

Asleep in the lot or playing the pinball machine

How did the protagonist's self-convincing affect his actions?

Made him wander around for hours in a stupor

What did the man who offered the protagonist a ride notice about his appearance?

He looked like he had been in a fight

What did the protagonist realize after being told about bleeding in the man's car?

He was bleeding from his head without realizing it

Study Notes

Incident Aftermath

  • Two-Bit drove the narrator home after the incident.
  • Soda had a broken nose.

Injuries and Appearance

  • The protagonist had a band-aid over their forehead.
  • The protagonist was bloody, which caught the attention of a man who offered him a ride.

Emotional State

  • When the protagonist said "I felt sick", they were feeling emotionally distraught.
  • The protagonist was in a somewhat disbelieving state of mind as they walked down the hall.

Dally and Johnny

  • Dally loved Johnny, the only person or thing he cared about deeply.
  • The protagonist believed Johnny might be at the church, despite knowing the reality of the situation.

Self-Conviction and Realizations

  • The protagonist's self-convincing led them to take certain actions, though the outcome was uncertain.
  • After being told about bleeding in the man's car, the protagonist realized the gravity of their situation.

Test your knowledge of the events and themes in Chapter 10 of 'The Outsiders' by S.E. Hinton with this quiz. This chapter depicts the aftermath of a tragic event and explores the emotional journey of the characters.

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