The Origins and Meaning of Philosophy

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According to Pythagoras, what are the three classes of people who attend the ancient Olympic Games?

Lovers of Gain, Lovers of Honor, Lovers of Knowledge

What is the literal meaning of the term 'philosophy'?

Love of Wisdom

How does philosophy approach the study of knowledge?

Philosophical Approach

What does philosophy use to investigate things?

Observation and natural capacity to think

If philosophy were to rely on supernatural revelation, what field of study would it become?


Which Greek words make up the term 'philosophy'?

Philo and Sophia

Who is credited with being the first to use the term 'philosophy'?


How does philosophy approach the study of knowledge?

Observing the world and people

What is the goal of philosophy?

To gain wisdom

How is philosophy different from theology?

Philosophy relies on supernatural revelation

Test your knowledge of the origins and meaning of philosophy in this quiz. Explore the Greek roots of the term and discover its significance in differentiating classes of people. Challenge yourself to understand the love of wisdom that philosophy embodies.

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