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What is the reason for Matilda's unhappiness?

She feels born for delicacies and luxuries

What is the significance of Matilda borrowing a necklace for the party?

It symbolizes her desire to fit in with the wealthy crowd

What does the text reveal about Mme Loisel's marriage?

She feels she made a mistake marrying a petty clerk

What does the text imply about Mme Loisel's self-perception?

She believes she is destined for a life of wealth and luxury

What does the text suggest about Mme Loisel's upbringing?

She was born into a family with limited financial means

Study Notes

Matilda's Unhappiness

  • Matilda's unhappiness stems from feeling inferior due to her lack of material possessions and luxuries, which she believes are essential for a happy life.

The Necklace Incident

  • Matilda borrows a necklace from her friend, Mme. Forestier, to wear to a party, indicating her desire to present herself as wealthier than she actually is.

Mme Loisel's Marriage

  • Mme Loisel's marriage to Monsieur Loisel is unhappy and unfulfilling, implying that she is trapped in a loveless and financially strained relationship.

Mme Loisel's Self-Perception

  • Mme Loisel perceives herself as deserving of a more luxurious life, which contributes to her unhappiness and feelings of inadequacy.

Mme Loisel's Upbringing

  • The text implies that Mme Loisel was raised with high expectations and a sense of entitlement, which has contributed to her disappointment and dissatisfaction with her current life.

Test your understanding of "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant with this quiz. Explore the characters of Matilda and her husband, and their life-changing events. Delve into the themes of unhappiness and destiny in this classic short story.

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