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According to the Natural Approach, at which stage does speech emerge?

Speech emergence (long phrases and sentences)

Who developed the Natural Approach methodology for second language learning?

Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell

What does the Natural Approach emphasize in language instruction?

Emphasizes natural communication and acquisition processes

In which stage of language acquisition do learners engage in conversation according to the Natural Approach?

Intermediate fluency (conversation)

What is the focus of the Natural Approach in language learning and teaching?

Focuses on providing learners with opportunities for authentic and meaningful communication

Study Notes

The Natural Approach

  • Developed by Tracy Terrell and Stephen Krashen

Language Acquisition Stages

  • Speech emerges at the spontaneous conversation stage
  • Learners engage in conversation at the spontaneous conversation stage

Focus and Emphasis

  • Emphasizes language acquisition through comprehensible input and low anxiety
  • Focus is on acquisition, not learning, of language

Test your knowledge of the Natural Approach to second language learning with this quiz. Explore the key principles and stages of language acquisition according to Stephen Krashen's theory.

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