Equity and Its Priority Over Law

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According to the text, what is the author's perspective on using law to overcome law?

The author believes it is silly to try to overcome law with law.

What does the author suggest is needed to overcome the burden of the law?

Understanding of equity

What is the author's perspective on studying rules, laws, statutes, codes, and regulations?

Studying them is a waste of time.

According to the text, what is the relationship between equity and the law?

Equity is greater than the law

What does the text say about the nature of equity?

Equity provides justice, mercy, fairness, and kindness

Why does the text suggest that people often have to go to court repeatedly?

Equity fails to provide relief from the law

What is the purpose of the law according to the text?

To chase one back into pure unadulterated equity

According to the text, what is the difference between 'Equity by Characteristic' and 'Equity by Nature'?

'Equity by Characteristic' is administrated under law, while 'Equity by Nature' is not

What does the maxim of equity 'Equity ignores fictions' mean?

Equity does not take into account fictional claims

According to the text, why is law considered to be deficient when it is defective?

Law can be misinterpreted

What does the quote 'The law is nothing without equity and equity is everything, even without the law' express?

Equity is superior to law

According to the text, why is it written that 'Christ is the end of the law'?

To correct the mistake of electing a man to be one's king and the law to be one's ruler, overseer, and administrator

According to the text, what is the purpose of God sending forth His Son, 'born of a woman, born under the law'?

To redeem those who were under the law and to provide for the adoption as sons

According to the text, why should one not seek relief from the law after being released from it?

Because seeking relief from the law absent of applying the blood of Christ is both impossible to do and an act of willful mischievousness

According to the text, what does it mean to have one's 'Eye single' and not of a 'Double mind'?

To have a clear vision and understanding of the New Covenant of Trust

Study Notes

Understanding the Maxim of Equity Quiz: Test your knowledge on the true meaning and scope of the maxim of equity. Discover why the misconception that law is greater than equity is incorrect. Learn the narrow boundaries within which this maxim operates and avoid common misconceptions.

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