The Israel-Hamas Conflict in Gaza

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Who was responsible for the deadly attack on October 7th in Gaza?


What was the response of Israel to the attack on October 7th?

Issued a warning to evacuate

How many civilians were killed by Hamas during the attack on October 7th?

Over 1,400

What actions did Israel take during the conflict in Gaza?

Bombarded the Gaza Strip

What has been the historical situation regarding movement in and out of the Gaza Strip?

Restricted to a certain degree

Study Notes

The Conflict Between Israel and Hamas

  • In response to the deadly attack on October 7th, the Israeli Defense Minister stated that they would wage a complete siege on Gaza, cutting off essential supplies like electricity, food, water, and gas.

The October 7th Attack

  • Hamas, a militant group based in Gaza, launched rockets, killing over 1,400 civilians and kidnapping close to 200 people.

Israeli Response

  • Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip, killing several thousand people, wiping out entire families, and striking ambulances, border crossings, and residential buildings.

Humanitarian Crisis

  • Over 1 million civilians were told to leave their homes and move south, but Israel's bombardment of the south left Palestinians trapped with no escape.

Gaza Strip Restrictions

  • Movement in and out of the Gaza Strip has been restricted to one degree or another for as long as the conflict has existed.

Key Figure

  • Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Israeli occupation, is aware of the situation and its consequences.

Test your knowledge on the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, including the deadly attack and its aftermath. Learn about the key events, casualties, and the impact on the region in this informative quiz.

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