The Impact of Colonial Rule on Pastoralist Communities Quiz

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How were the traders and crafts of pastoralists affected by colonial rule?

They were adversely affected

How did colonial rule affect the life of pastoralists?

Their movements were regulated and the revenue they had to pay increased

What happened to the agriculture stock of pastoralists under colonial rule?

It declined

What was the derogatory context of the term 'squatter' in the early years of British settlement of Australia?

In its early derogatory context, the term 'squatter' was often applied to the illegitimate occupation of land by ticket-of-leave convicts or ex-convicts.

What does the term 'squattocracy' refer to?

The term 'squattocracy' refers to squatters and the social and political power they possessed.

What was the historical Australian meaning of 'squatting'?

The historical Australian meaning of 'squatting' referred to someone occupying a large tract of Crown land to graze livestock, initially often having no legal rights to the land.

How did the term 'squatter' evolve from its English usage to its application in the early years of British settlement of Australia?

The term 'squatter' evolved from its English usage as a term of contempt for a person who had taken up residence at a place without having legal claim, to referring primarily to a person who had 'squatted' on Aboriginal land for pastoral or other purposes.

What led to squatters becoming recognized by the colonial government as owning the land?

Squatters became recognized by the colonial government as owning the land by being the first (and often the only) European settlers in the area.

Test your knowledge of the impact of colonial rule on pastoralist communities with this quiz. Explore how their way of life was regulated, their economic activities affected, and the changes they experienced during this period.

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