The Human Genome Project

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Which type of neuron carries sensory information from sensory receptors to the central nervous system?

Sensory neurons

What is the name for the space between neurons through which they communicate?


What is the name for the voltage at which a neuron is not firing?

Resting potential

Which part of the nervous system controls basic life processes such as the beating of the heart and breathing?

Autonomic nervous system

What are the major structures of the central nervous system?

Brain and spinal cord

Which structure in the hindbrain controls vital physiological functions such as heartbeat and respiration?

Medulla oblongata

Which of the following is true about the influence of genetics on psychological functioning?

Genetics heavily influences psychological qualities and disorders.

What is the unit of hereditary transmission?


How many chromosomes do human cells have?


What is the degree of relatedness between grandparents and grandchildren?


What is the degree of relatedness between siblings?


What type of twins share the same genetic make-up?

Identical twins

According to the text, what is the main focus of the research?

Examining the effects of hemispheric disconnect on consciousness

What method was used to test the boy's hemispheres?

Visual stimuli

How did the boy's left hemisphere respond to the questions?


How did the right hemisphere respond to the questions?

By spelling out words with the left hand

On which day did the boy's hemispheres tend to agree?

When he was in a pleasant mood

What did the researchers find about the right hemisphere's responses?

They were consistently more negative than the left hemisphere's responses

Which of the following best describes the concept of heritability?

The proportion of genetic variability among individuals on an observed trait

What does a heritability coefficient of 0 indicate?

No genetic influences on the trait

Which of the following traits has a high degree of heritability in a heterogeneous population?

Eye color

What does it mean if a psychological attribute is genetically influenced?

MZ twins are more likely than DZ twins to share the attribute

What does a heritability coefficient of 1.0 indicate?

A trait that is completely heritable

What is the importance of studying twins in examining the role of genetics in psychological attributes?

Twins have similar environments and genetic relatedness

Which part of the brain is involved in regulating eating, sleeping, sexual activity, and emotional experience?


Which part of the brain processes arriving sensory information and transmits it to higher brain centers?


Which subcortical structures are involved in emotion, motivation, learning, and memory?

Limbic system

Which lobes of the cerebral cortex are specialized for vision?

Occipital lobes

Which lobes of the cerebral cortex are involved in coordination of movement, attention, planning, and aspects of personality?

Frontal lobes

What is neuroplasticity?

The dynamic nature of the brain to develop and change itself in response to neural, environmental, and behavioral experiences

Test your knowledge on the Human Genome Project and the mapping of the human genome with this quiz. Explore the scientific breakthroughs and advancements made in understanding the genetic structure of our species.

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