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The Hidden Health Risk of Mobile Phones

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What is one of the most common routes for acquiring infection?

Hands picking up bacteria and viruses

What type of bacteria can cause tuberculosis and diphtheria?


Why is it worrying that many pathogens on phones are antibiotic resistant?

All of the above

How often does the US Federal Communications Commission recommend sanitizing your phone?


What percentage of alcohol is required in wipes or sprays to disinfect phone casings and touch screens?

At least 70%

What should you avoid using to clean your phone?

Bleach or abrasive cleaners

Why is it important to wash your hands after cleaning your phone?

To prevent the spread of germs

What is one way to avoid your phone becoming colonized with germs?

Touching your phone with clean hands

What is recommended to sanitize after cleaning your phone?

Phone charger

Why are phones considered reservoirs of infection?

All of the above

What percentage of the world owns or uses a mobile phone?

More than 90%

Where do most people in the UK use their phones?

On the toilet

What is a common way microbes are transferred to mobile phones?

Through touching the phone after using the toilet

How often do people touch their phones in a day?

Thousands of times

What is a factor that contributes to the accumulation of microbes on mobile phones?

Giving phones to children to play with

What is a comparison made in the text regarding mobile phone hygiene?

Mobile phones are dirtier than toilet seats

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives, but have you ever thought about the microbial infection risk associated with them? Take this quiz to learn more about the lesser-known health concerns of mobile phone use.

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