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The Hidden Health Risk of Mobile Phones

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What percentage of the world owns or uses a mobile phone?

More than 90%

What is a major reason why mobile phones are dirtier than toilet seats?

Giving our phones to children to play with

How many times a day do people typically touch their phones?

Thousands of times

Why are people less likely to wash their hands after touching their phones?

Because they don't think about it

What is a common activity that can transfer microbes onto our phones?

Eating while using our phones

What is a common way that bacteria and viruses are acquired?

Through touching contaminated surfaces or objects

What type of bacteria has been found on phones and can cause tuberculosis and diphtheria?


Why is it important to regularly clean your phone with antibacterial wipes or alcohol?

To prevent the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

How long can viruses like the common cold virus survive on hard plastic surfaces?

Up to a week

What is the recommended percentage of alcohol in wipes or sprays to effectively disinfect phone casings and touch screens?

At least 70%

What are the potential consequences of having antibiotic-resistant bacteria on mobile phones?

They can cause skin, gut, and respiratory infections that can be life-threatening.

What are some common viruses that can persist in an infectable form on mobile phones for several days?

COVID-19, rotavirus, influenza, and norovirus.

Why is it important to avoid spraying sanitizers directly onto the phone and keep liquids away from connection points or other phone openings?

To prevent damage to the phone's internal components.

What is a recommended habit to avoid your phone becoming colonized with germs?

Touch your phone with clean hands, washed with soap and water or disinfected with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

What is a recommended additional step to take when cleaning your phone to prevent the spread of microbes?

Sanitizing your phone charger.

Mobile phones are an essential part of our daily lives, but did you know that they can pose a significant microbial infection risk? Take this quiz to learn more about the often overlooked health concerns related to phone use.

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