The Heart's Pacemaker and Diastolic Blood Pressure Quiz

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What is the normal diastolic blood pressure in a normal healthy adult human?

80 mm Hg

What is the reason why the SA node acts as the heart’s pacemaker?

Because of its capability of generating impulses

Which of these is not a function of the skeletal system?


From where do the ventricular muscles accept impulses directly?

Purkinje system

Which is a blood disorder where the hemoglobin is defective?

Sickle cell anemia

Study Notes

Blood Pressure

  • Normal diastolic blood pressure in a healthy adult human is 60-90 mmHg.

Heart's Pacemaker

  • The SA node acts as the heart's pacemaker because it has the ability to generate impulses at a faster rate than other parts of the heart.

Skeletal System

  • The skeletal system does not function as an excretory system.

Ventricular Muscles

  • Ventricular muscles accept impulses directly from the Bundle of His.

Blood Disorders

  • Sickle cell anemia is a blood disorder where the hemoglobin is defective.

Test your knowledge of the heart's pacemaker and diastolic blood pressure with this quiz. Answer questions about the SA node's function, innervations, and impulse generation, as well as normal diastolic blood pressure values in healthy adults.

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