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What is the Great Schism?

A term used to describe a significant event in history

What does the term 'schism' mean?

A division or split

What is the Great Schism also known as?

The East-West Schism

What is the significance of the Great Schism?

It led to the permanent split of the Christian church

When did the Great Schism occur?

1054 AD

Which two branches of Christianity were involved in the Great Schism?

The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church

What was the main issue that caused the Great Schism?

The issue of papal authority

What is the Roman Catholic Church's stance on the Great Schism today?

They recognize it as a historical event but do not accept the legitimacy of the split

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Test your knowledge of the Great Schism with this quiz! Learn about the historic event that split Christianity into two major branches and its impact on the world today. This quiz will challenge your understanding of the causes, key figures, and consequences of the Great Schism.

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