The Evolution of the Filipino Character

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Where is the bayanihan spirit, famous in Filipino culture, said to have been taken from?

Malay forefathers

Which foreign country introduced Christianity to the Philippines in the 16th century?


What is considered the unofficial language of the Philippines, alongside Pilipino?


Who were the principal peoples of the Philippine archipelago in pre-historic and ancient times according to the text?

Negritos, proto-Malay, and Malay peoples

Which civilizations influenced the pre-colonial Philippines according to the text?

Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian civilizations

What is a major factor that distinguishes the Filipino character according to the text?


What brought a more advanced culture to the Philippines around 2300 years ago?

Malay people from the Asian mainland

Who argued that early Filipinos lived in 'backwardness' but actually had their own unique practices and customs?


What was the system of marriage custom among ancient Filipinos like?

Bride contributed a dowry

According to activist nun Mary John Mananzan, what rights did pre-colonial Filipino women enjoy?

Equal rights as men

Which group is believed to have introduced formal farming and building techniques to the Philippines?

Malay people from the Asian mainland

What did ancient Filipinos practice to indicate nobility?

Putting tattoos on body parts

Explore the development of the Filipino character from pre-colonial times to the post-colonial era. Learn about the influences of various cultures on key aspects such as bayanihan, family relations, piousness, and hospitality.

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