The Evolution of English

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What is the main focus of an English Language course according to the text?

English grammar

What is the estimated number of people globally influenced by the English language?

2 billion

What is described as a fascinating and rich history in the text?

The rise of English as a global language

What is the promise made in the text regarding the coverage of history?

To be brief

What is emphasized as a small part of the overall curriculum for studying English according to the text?

English grammar

What is the present-day Standard English used in?

Public discourse, including broadcasting, education, entertainment, government, and news

What has modern English largely abandoned from the Indo-European language family?

Inflectional case system

In Modern English, which word class retains morphological case more strongly than any other?

Personal pronouns

What indicates grammatical function for pronouns, nouns, adjectives, and articles in Modern English?

Word order

Where do divergences from the described grammar of English occur?

Some historical, social, cultural, and regional varieties of English

Test your knowledge of the English language's development with this brief history quiz. Explore the origins and evolution of English, from its early roots to its global influence today.

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