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Which word class forms the largest word class in English?


What has modern English largely abandoned from the Indo-European language family?

Inflectional case system

What is indicated only by word order, prepositions, and the 'Saxon genitive or English possessive' (-'s)?

Grammatical function

Which form of speech and writing is used in public discourse, including broadcasting, education, entertainment, government, and news?

Standard English

What has largely retained morphological case more strongly than any other word class in Modern English?


In what favor has Modern English largely abandoned the inflectional case system of Indo-European?

In favor of analytic constructions

Which word class is considered to be a closed class and is rare for new members to enter the language?


What part of speech do interjections belong to?

Not described here

What is the term used for word classes that readily accept new members?

Open classes

What serves the same function as a word from some particular word class and is therefore called a noun phrase?

Determiner phrases

Which word class do most words in the English language belong to more than one?


What consists of a verb together with any objects and other dependents?

Verb phrase

Which word class do interjections not form part of?

Clause and sentence structure

Which of the following is an example of present perfect continuous tense?

I have been working

When referring to events or situations that have finished, which tense should be used in English?

Past tense

Which tense is used to summarize a book, film, or play when telling a story in the present tense?

Present simple tense

What does the past tense in English allow us to talk about?

Long-standing events and situations

Which tense is formed using 'I have + past participle'?

Present perfect tense

What are the four present tense forms in the English language?

Simple, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect continuous

What is the correct usage of 'your' in the sentence: '______ beautiful.'?


Which word should be used to refer to a place that isn't here?


How should the sentence 'Can I have ______ coat.' be correctly written?


What is the correct form of the contracted word that indicates 'cannot'?


Where should the apostrophe be placed to show that something belongs to more than one person?


Which type of adverb modifies the verb?

Manner adverb

What is the correct usage of 'were' in past simple?


Which word indicates possession and defines that something belongs to you?


What does the correct use of adverbs aim to do in the context of story writing?

Show, not tell the reader what is happening in the story.

What is indicated by apostrophes?

Ownership or belonging.

Test your knowledge of English grammar with this quiz covering the structural rules of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and texts. Explore present-day Standard English and its application in various contexts from formal to informal.

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