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When was Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) founded?

May 1982

Which game marked EA's shift toward internal game studios?

Skate or Die (1987)

Which of the following is not an established franchise developed and published by EA?


In which city is the headquarters of Electronic Arts Inc. located?

Redwood City

Which of the following is not an EA Sports title?

Rocket League

What is the primary way of building logic gates in the real world?

Using diodes or transistors as electronic switches

Which type of transistors are most logic gates made from today?

MOSFETs (metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors)

How can logic gates be cascaded?

In the same way that Boolean functions can be composed

What is the function of a logic gate?

Perform a Boolean function on binary inputs to produce a single binary output

What is an ideal logic gate characterized by?

Zero rise time and unlimited fan-out

Study Notes

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA)

  • Founded in 1982
  • Shifted toward internal game studios with the game "Skate or Die!"

EA Franchises

  • Established franchises developed and published by EA: (multiple options)
  • Not an established franchise developed and published by EA: (specific option)

Headquarters Location

  • Headquarters of Electronic Arts Inc. located in Redwood City, California

EA Sports Titles

  • EA Sports titles: (multiple options)
  • Not an EA Sports title: (specific option)

Logic Gates

Building Logic Gates

  • Primary way of building logic gates: using transistors

Transistors in Logic Gates

  • Most logic gates made from: Field-Effect Transistors (FETs)

Cascading Logic Gates

  • Logic gates can be cascaded: by connecting the output of one gate to the input of another

Function of Logic Gates

  • Function of a logic gate: to perform logical operations (AND, OR, NOT, etc.)

Ideal Logic Gate

  • Ideal logic gate characterized by: zero power consumption, zero delay, and infinite fan-out

Test your knowledge about the history and impact of Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) with this quiz. Learn about the company's founding, its role in the early home computer game industry, and its influence on the gaming world.

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