Psychological Theories of Crime

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Which personality trait interferes with efficient learning due to irrelevant arousal?

High neuroticism

According to Eysenck (1964), which personality traits result in poor conditioning and inadequate socialization?

High extroversion and neuroticism

Which personality trait is associated with being a primary, 'tough-minded' psychopath?

High psychoticism

What is the closest diagnostic label to psychopathy?

Antisocial personality disorder

What percentage of psychopaths are men?


What did Ted Bundy blame his problems on in his last interview?


According to Bowlby's theory, what is the main cause of delinquency and repetitive crime?

Parental rejection

According to Yochelson and Samenow, how do criminals become criminals?

As a result of choices made at an early age

What is one major problem with psychoanalytic interpretations of crime?

They are contradicted by patterns of real criminal conduct

What are the three major personality dimensions described in the text?

Extroversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism

What is one characteristic of extroverted people and psychopaths related to conditioning?

They have high levels of arousal

What is one characteristic of persons high in neuroticism?

They are emotionally volatile

Which theory suggests that crime is a result of a weak ego and superego that cannot restrain the antisocial instincts of the id?

Psychoanalytic Theories

According to psychoanalytic theories, what is the most commonly blamed factor for producing a defective ego or superego?

Inadequate identification with parents

According to Freud, what is the motive behind criminal behavior?

Desire to alleviate feelings of guilt

According to psychoanalytic theories, what is the role of guilt in criminal behavior?

Guilt is the motive for criminal behavior

Which theory suggests that criminal behavior is a means of obtaining substitute gratification of basic needs?

Psychoanalytic Theories

According to psychoanalytic theories, what is the role of unconscious, incestuous feelings in criminal behavior?

Unconscious, incestuous feelings are the cause of criminal behavior

What percentage of a correctional sample could be classified as psychopathic?


What is one controversy mentioned in the text about using the PCL and revised versions of the instrument as diagnostic tools?

Lack of training and possible biases on the part of the clinician

What effect does expert testimony about an offender's psychopathy or psychopathic traits have on the severity of the court's disposition?

Increase in severity

What is one criticism mentioned in the text about the use of psychopathy assessment instruments in criminal proceedings?

Relying on inaccurate self-reporting

Which label has a stronger effect on the judgments of juvenile probation officers regarding juveniles?

Antisocial behavior

Is there enough research to support the use of psychopathy assessment instruments with female and adolescent offenders?

No, more research is needed

Which factor of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist is associated with chronic antisocial behavior?

Factor 2

What is one theory about the cause of psychopathic behavior?

Psychopathic persons suffer from cortical immaturity.

What is one characteristic of psychopaths in terms of autonomic arousal?

Psychopaths are relatively overaroused in the resting state.

What did the study by Dewolf, Duran, and Loas (2002) reveal about brain waves in patients with psychopathy?

Patients with psychopathy showed significantly more abnormalities than the controls.

According to Herbert Quay's stimulation seeking theory, what purpose does the thrill seeking and disruptive behavior of psychopaths serve?

To increase sensory input and arousal to a more tolerable level.

According to Arnold Buss, what is one parental pattern that might foster psychopathy?

Having parents who are inconsistent in their use of rewards and punishments.

Quiz: Understanding the Impact of High Neuroticism on Learning and Behavior

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