The Daylight Saving Time Quiz
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The Daylight Saving Time Quiz

Discover the truth behind daylight saving time with this intriguing quiz! Test your knowledge and learn about the motivations and effects of adjusting the clock. Delve into the reasons behind Maryland Delegate Brian M. Crosby's quest to change the system. Challenge yourself and see if you agree with his perspective. Uncover the secrets of daylight saving time today!

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Which state recently voted to permanently shift daytime so that an extra hour of sunlight lands in the afternoon year-round?


How many states have passed bills to switch to year-round daylight saving time, should Congress allow it, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures?


What inspired Maryland Delegate Brian M. Crosby to steer Maryland into a nationwide debate on daylight saving time?

His hatred for changing his clock

How many states are considering switching to year-round daylight saving time, according to the text?

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What is the main debate surrounding daylight saving time?

<p>Whether to make it year-round</p> Signup and view all the answers

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