The City of Ember: Chapter 8 Excerpt

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Who do Lina and Doon decide to tell about the mayor's crimes?

The guards

What does Lina want to focus on once the mayor's issue is resolved?

Finding the right door based on the Instructions

What does Doon express doubt about regarding the 'Instructions'?

Their validity and importance

What does 'hogwash' mean?


What is Lina's final sad news to Doon?

Her grandmother's death

How does Doon react to Lina's news about her grandmother?

He expresses sympathy and hugs her

Who did Lina see coming out of the storerooms?


What message did Looper give Lina?

Delivery at eight

What made Doon realize the familiarity of the man he saw coming out of the door?

The way he walked and the unbrushed black hair

Why did Doon pound his fist on his leg?

Because two people were involved in taking things from the storerooms

Where does the hatch in the ceiling near Tunnel 351 lead to?

The storerooms

Who was the man that Lina and Doon discovered was involved in taking things from the storerooms?


Study Notes

Lina and Doon's Conversation

  • Lina shares her discovery about Lizzie and Looper with Doon.
  • Lizzie has been taking cans from the storerooms and Looper is helping her, selling some items in his store.
  • Looper also works in the storerooms and has a connection with the mayor.

Looper's Secret

  • Lina remembers Looper from her first day, when he gave her a message for the mayor: "Delivery at eight."
  • Doon realizes that Looper is using a hidden hatch in the Pipeworks to access the storerooms and steal items for the mayor.
  • Looper's activities are revealed through the sounds Lina and Doon heard near Tunnel 351.

The Consequences

  • The mayor is involved in the theft and cannot be trusted to report the crime.
  • Lina and Doon decide to inform the guards, who can investigate and take action.
  • The guards will have the authority to arrest the mayor and recover the stolen items.

The Instructions

  • Doon is skeptical about the importance of the Instructions, suggesting they might be nonsense.
  • Lina believes the Instructions are genuine and important, citing the special box and lock they were stored in.

Personal News

  • Lina shares the news of her grandmother's passing with Doon.
  • Doon offers sympathy and comfort to Lina.

Test your understanding of the excerpt from Chapter 8 of 'The City of Ember' where Lina and Doon discuss mysterious activities in the storerooms. How well do you remember the details of their conversation?

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