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In qualitative surveys participants have more control over their responses.


Define thematic analysis

The process used to identify themes or patterns within data. It involves identifying and analyzing recurring patterns of meaning within a dataset to gain insights into the underlying concepts and ideas.

What are the 3 categories of epistemology?

Positivism, contextualism and social constructionism

How does IPA explain the researcher's subjectivity?

The double hermeneutic = 1st hermeneutic is the participants making sense of their experiences, 2nd hermeneutic is the researcher making sense of the 1st hermeneutic.

What does an asynchronous online group involve?

It is not live, occurs in days or maybe weeks or even years, participants create a project together.

Why is media data useful?

It highlights common messages about population/issues.

How do you report results of a Mann Whitney in APA format?

U value, Z value and P value

What does N mean?

The number of data values (e.g. there are 25 participants who took part in both 2 conditions so N = 50).

What values do you report in a Wilcoxon signed rank test?

Z and P values

Which experimental designs can be used in dependent in T tests?

Repeated measures and matched pair tests

What values do you report in all T tests?

t value, df and p value

What does a high correlation mean in a dependent test?

The t test is more powerful

Define Effect size.

Looks at how well something works in a range of contexts.

Effect size is more preferable than statistical significance.


List the small, medium and large pearson's r correlation effect sizes.

small = <0.03, medium = >0.03 large = >0.05

Pearson's r correlation is mostly used for t tests.


List the small, medium and large effect sizes for Cohen's d.

small = <0.02, medium = >0.5 and large = >0.8

When would you look at exact sig and asymp sig?

Exact sig = sample less than 20 Asymp sig = sample more than 20

Test your knowledge on effect sizes and correlations with this quiz. Explore the reporting values for T tests, the meaning of high correlation in a dependent test, and the significance of effect size over statistical significance. Assess your understanding of small, medium, and large effect sizes for Pearson's r and Cohen's d.

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