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Which engineering disciplines are involved in mechatronics?

Mechanics, control, micro-electronics, and computing

What is the focus of precision engineering?

Design and development of machines and devices prioritizing precision

What does TEKNIKER excel in when it comes to mechatronics and precision engineering?

Supply and validation of fully functional prototypes

What does mechatronics aim to achieve?

Integration of functionalities in machines or devices

What does precision engineering prioritize over other requirements?


Robust Comfort Tool Rest ______, Long Post

15" Wide

Robust Comfort Rests earned their name because your hand fits comfortably in the ______ of the rest


This item is in ______ and ready for immediate shipping from our warehouse


Whether you use an overhand or ______, your hand fits comfortably in the radius of the rest


______ fits comfortably in the radius of the rest

your hand

Test your knowledge on mechatronics and precision engineering with this quiz by TEKNIKER. Learn about the design, simulation, and validation of mechatronic systems, from needs analyses to conceptual designs. Take the quiz and see how much you know!

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