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¿Qué software de código abierto utilizó el departamento de TI del municipio para el servidor proxy?


¿Cuál fue la marca del servidor que compró el departamento de TI del municipio?


¿Cómo se guarda la configuración de respaldo diario del servidor?

En otro ordenador

¿Qué tipo de contratos firmó el departamento de TI del municipio con Movistar, HP y Cisco?

Contratos de nivel operativo

¿Qué tipo de procesos de gestión se implementaron para el servicio?

Procesos de gestión de incidentes y problemas

¿Qué es la SLE (Pérdida Esperada Única)?

La medida de las pérdidas de un solo evento

¿Qué es el ALE (Pérdida Esperada Anualizada)?

La medida de las pérdidas esperadas de un evento que ocurre varias veces al año

¿Qué es la evaluación de riesgos?

Identificar amenazas, vulnerabilidades y analizar riesgos

¿Qué es la certificación ITIL® v4?

Una certificación de gestión de servicio

¿Dónde se deben tomar los exámenes de certificación ITIL®?

En institutos acreditados

Study Notes

  1. The IT department of a municipality analyzed their services and implemented a proxy server to control internet access for users and separate areas into different networks.
  2. They proposed using open-source software for the server and purchased four switches and a router.
  3. By installing the proxy server, internet access for all users in the four areas was accelerated and customized bandwidth was assigned.
  4. The IT department signed operational level agreements with certain areas for higher bandwidth and limited web access for others.
  5. They used Squid as the open-source software for the proxy server and purchased an IBM server with medium capabilities.
  6. The server has a double power source and is connected to a UPS for backup power.
  7. A daily backup of the server's configuration is stored on another computer for disaster recovery.
  8. The server is located in a secure area and all switches are located in a wall rack.
  9. The IT department signed underpinning contracts with Movistar for internet services, HP for server technical support, and Cisco for switch technical support and warranty.
  10. Incident, event, request, problem, and access management processes were implemented for the service.
  • Switches have layer 2 security.
  • Risk analysis and management involves identifying threats, vulnerabilities, and analyzing risks.
  • Risk is the product of vulnerability and threat.
  • Single Loss Expectancy (SLE) is the measure of losses from a single event.
  • Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE) is the expected losses from a threat occurring multiple times in a year.
  • Risk evaluation can be quantitative or qualitative.
  • A gap analysis report identifies the difference between current and desired risk levels.
  • ITIL® v4 offers four levels of certification: Foundation, Intermediate, Expert, and Master.
  • ITIL® certification exams must be taken at accredited institutes.
  • ITIL® certification can serve as a professional opportunity in service management.

Do you have a good understanding of IT infrastructure and risk management? Test your knowledge with this quiz that covers topics such as proxy servers, open-source software, switches, risk analysis, and ITIL® certification. Challenge yourself and see how well you know the ins and outs of IT departments and their services!

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