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Which of the following best describes the purpose of technical writing?

Explaining product or service features, installation, and usage

What is the main emphasis of technical writing?

Clarity and accuracy of information

In technical writing, what is the purpose of explaining 'how to maintain' a product or service?

To guide users in keeping the product/service in good condition

Study Notes

Technical Writing Purpose

  • The primary purpose of technical writing is to communicate complex information to a specific audience in a clear, concise, and efficient manner.

Main Emphasis of Technical Writing

  • The main emphasis of technical writing is on clarity, accuracy, and usability, with the goal of helping readers to understand and use a product, service, or process.

Explaining 'How to Maintain' in Technical Writing

  • The purpose of explaining 'how to maintain' a product or service in technical writing is to provide users with the necessary information and instructions to ensure the continued performance, safety, and efficiency of the product or service, as well as to prevent damage or malfunction.

Test your knowledge of technical writing with this quiz! Explore the key aspects of communicating complex information effectively, including product descriptions, features, installation, setup, usage, maintenance, and disposal. Sharpen your skills in conveying technical details clearly and concisely.

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