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What is the primary consideration for school administrators who are both leaders and managers?

Ensuring student best interests

What is one way teacher leaders can act as role models?

Specializing in curriculum and supporting the classroom

How do teacher leaders help new teachers adjust to their responsibilities?

By sharing resources and instructional expertise

What is one way teacher leaders model their curriculum knowledge?

By aligning strategies and using appropriate assessments

What is one way teacher leaders provide support to other teachers?

By conducting classroom observations and team teaching

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of teacher leaders according to the text?

Maintaining a strict disciplinary approach

What is the primary role of leaders according to Tony Bush?

To inspire change

What is the primary role of managers according to Tony Bush?

To make sure school operations continue functioning efficiently

What was the traditional view of teacher leadership?

Teacher leadership was equated with administrative roles and functions

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a pressure that contemporary teacher leaders should address?

Conflicts among teaching staff

What is the relationship between leadership and management for teacher leaders?

Teacher leaders should assume both leadership and management functions

According to the passage, what types of issues are schools nowadays confronted with?

Issues related to content, pedagogy, beliefs, and values

Study Notes

Teacher Leadership and Administrative Roles

  • Effective administrators balance external demands with the school's vision, mission, and student welfare.
  • Teacher leaders prioritize students' best interests and stay committed to the school's vision.

Qualities and Actions of Teacher Leaders

  • Teacher leadership is not limited to formal administrative roles.
  • Qualities and actions that define teacher leaders include:
    • Role-modeling: exhibiting exemplary actions, professional dispositions, and personal traits that motivate others.
    • Sharing resources and instructional expertise with others.
    • Specializing in curriculum support, classroom learning facilitation, and coaching using data.

Teacher Leaders as Role Models

  • Teacher leaders share resources, such as references, instructional materials, and online resources, to help new teachers adjust to their responsibilities.
  • They address classroom challenges by researching solutions and sharing practices with others.
  • They model knowledge of the curriculum, ensuring other teachers know and use curriculum standards in lesson planning.
  • They provide opportunities for classroom observations, team teaching, and lesson improvement suggestions.

Leadership and Administrative Functions

  • Teacher leadership often involves administrative functions.
  • Teachers who exhibit leadership qualities may be given leadership functions outside the classroom.
  • Leaders inspire change, while managers ensure efficient and effective school operations.
  • Teacher leaders in administrative roles should assume both leadership and management functions.

Evolution of Teacher Leadership

  • Historically, teacher leadership was equated with an official function or designation.
  • With changes in the educational landscape, teacher leadership has evolved to address issues related to content, pedagogy, beliefs, and values.
  • Teacher leaders now address external pressures from legislation, government policies, and stakeholders.

Test your knowledge on how teacher leaders can balance administrative duties while staying committed to the school's vision, mission, and students' best interests. Explore the challenges faced and strategies used by teacher leaders in administrative roles.

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