Teacher as Community Leader

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Teacher Angel, aside from being a competent teacher, is also a community leader in their place. Which of the following should Teacher Angel not do as a teacher?

Make herself detached to everyone in the community so that her decisions will have no influence of community politics

Ms. Cruz is a Sociology Professor for almost a decade. In her class she asked this question "What type of learning environment should a teacher implement in a high pluralistic society?" If you are her student, what would be your answer?

Safe, Secure and Gender sensitive

It is the responsibility of the teacher to promote the cultural and the educational heritage of the nation. As such, it is his/her obligation also to convey all of these to the students. In this case, which among the following will make the teacher accomplish this obligation?

Implement interactive teaching strategies

Test your knowledge on what teachers should and shouldn't do as community leaders with this quiz. Explore scenarios and choose the best course of action for a teacher who is also a community leader.

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