Syntax in Linguistics

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What is the study of how words and morphemes combine to form larger units such as phrases and sentences called?


What are the central concerns of syntax?

All of the above

What does the word 'syntax' originate from?

Greek roots meaning 'coordination'

Which is not considered a topic in the field of syntax?


What is an example of a topic that can be derived from another in syntax?

Word order from grammatical relations

What is the term for the order of the syntactic constituents of a language?

Linear order

What does word order typology study?

How different languages employ different orders

What are the primary word orders of interest in linguistics?

All of these

What do some languages rely on to convey grammatical information?

Word order

What can flexible word order be used to encode?

Topicalisation or focus

What is a copula in linguistics?

A word that links the subject of a sentence to a subject complement

What is another term for a verb that is a copula?

Copulative verb

In which language do copulas show more resemblances to pronouns?

Classical Chinese

What form can a copula take in Korean, Beja, and Inuit languages?

A suffix attached to a noun

Which languages have more than one main copula?

Spanish, Portuguese and Thai

What does the Latin origin of the word 'copula' imply?

It implies a link or tie

What is the common term for a copula in English primary education grammar courses?

Linking verb

In which languages does a copula often resemble a pronoun?

Classical Chinese and Guarani

Which form does a copula take in Korean, Beja, and Inuit languages?

A suffix

Which languages have no main copula?

Not specified in the text

Test your knowledge of syntax in linguistics with this quiz! Explore concepts such as word order, grammatical relations, sentence structure, and crosslinguistic variation. Discover various approaches to syntax and how they relate to form and meaning.

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