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What did Robert Fulton and Livingston receive a charter for in 1808?

Exclusive right to run a steamboat on rivers through states

What did the charter granted to Robert Fulton and Livingston allow them to have?

Monopoly on steamboat operations

Which power did the Chief Justice deny to Maryland regarding the bank?

The power to tax the bank

Who made decisions that gave more power to the national government over states during the early 1800s?

Chief Justice Marshall

What did the Monroe Doctrine state?

European countries shouldn't take over countries in the US area

What was the main motivation for American settlers to push westward?

Seeking economic gain and fertile land

What was the outcome of the Missouri Compromise?

A balance between free and slave states was maintained

Who led Congress to make a deal called the Missouri Compromise?

Henry Clay

What was the significance of the line drawn in the Missouri Compromise (36° 30´ north latitude)?

It maintained a balance between free and slave states

What did Presidents Adams and Monroe establish policies for?

Expansion of U.S. territory

Test your knowledge about the Supreme Court's role in boosting national power and economic control through a historic case involving Robert Fulton and Livingston's steamboat monopoly. Explore how this case set a precedent that still applies to various forms of interstate commerce today.

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