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  1. What claim do the books about success make in relation to the fields?

They claim to have universal applicability across all fields

  1. What type of writings does the writer consider to be the sliest of all?

Self-help books and articles on success

  1. According to the writer, what are the two ways to success in one profession?

Hard work and luck

  1. What does the writer assume success means for the writer of such books?

The writer assumes success to mean financial and personal achievement

  1. In what instance does the writer believe the advice from such books could help readers? Is such advice useful to people?

The only instance the writer can think of is when the advice is used as a motivator, but ultimately it is of little use to people

  1. What kind of advice does the writer say one can expect to find in such books?

Generic and unhelpful advice

  1. What vices do these books promote according to the writer?

They promote greed and materialism

What is the only instinct the writer can think of that could make people rich?

The instinct to save money and be thrifty

  1. Why does the writer consider them specially harmful for workers?

Because they often promote unrealistic expectations and lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace

Why does the writer consider books about success especially harmful for workers?

Because they promote false or mistaken beliefs about success

What advice did the writer of the article 'The Instinct that Makes People Rich' offer his readers?

The advice to practice temperance and self-control

What claim do the books about success make?

They claim to offer the key to success

Prior to the statement about books on success, why does the writer give the example of books on electricity and botany?

To contrast them with books on success

Test your knowledge of books and articles about success with this quiz. Explore the writer's perspective on success, different claims made in such books, and the types of advice they offer. Challenge yourself with questions on the two ways to achieve success in a profession and more.

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