Submandibular Region Anatomy

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Which structure is NOT found in the submandibular region?

Parotid gland

What is the function of the digastric muscle?

Both a and b

Which nerve supplies the anterior belly of the digastric muscle?

Mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve

Which of the following structures is NOT found in the submandibular region?

Parotid gland

What is the function of the genioglossal muscle?

To protrude the tongue

Which of the following nerves passes through the submandibular region?

Glossopharyngeal nerve

What is the action of the stylohyoid muscle?

Elevates the hyoid bone

Which nerve supplies the mylohyoid muscle?

Inferior alveolar nerve

What is the origin of the hyoglossus muscle?

Body and greater cornu of the hyoid bone

Where are the posterior fibers of the mylohyoid muscle inserted?

Body of the hyoid bone

What is true about the geniohyoid muscle?

Lies above the mylohyoid

Which muscle assists in both elevating the hyoid bone and drawing it forward?

Geniohyoid muscle

Test your knowledge of the submandibular region anatomy including structures such as muscles, salivary glands, nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. Identify key components and their functions in this important anatomical region.

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