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What is the primary focus of the tools discussed in the text?

Defining the boundaries of competition and business model

What aspect of a company is critical for long-term sustainability in the market?

Strategic innovation for business model adaptation

What type of companies are mainly discussed in the text?

Large and established companies

What does the text suggest is essential for new companies to consider in terms of profitability?

Designing a strategic marketing process

Which term best describes Case X mentioned in the text?

Market disruptor

What is one of the main decisions a company must make to position itself in the social media arena, according to the text?

Deciding on the length of twits

How does the brand of a company relate to its platform, based on the text?

The brand is the perceptual transformation of content and rules.

Which feature contributes to making a platform unusable, as mentioned in the text?

Expanding the boundaries of the platform too much

What factor plays a crucial role in attracting more suppliers to a platform, according to the text?

Stimulating users through engaging content

How did Twitter initially differentiate itself in terms of content, as mentioned in the text?

By emphasizing short and concise information sharing

Explore tools for understanding the current strategic positioning of a company within a market ecosystem, defining competition boundaries, and analyzing business models from strategic and marketing perspectives. Also, learn about developing future strategic positioning and staying profitable.

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