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What is the main enzyme responsible for metabolizing dopamine after it dissociates from postsynaptic receptors?

Monoamine oxidase

What happens when cocaine blocks the activity of monoamine oxidase?

Dopamine binds to postsynaptic receptors at a different site

What are the common behavioral effects of recreational doses of amphetamines and cocaine?

Enhanced coordination and performance

Which neurotransmitter's activity is increased due to the binding of both cocaine and amphetamines to transporters?


What are the autonomic effects associated with amphetamines and cocaine?

Increased glandular secretions

Which of the following stimulants is classified as a prodrug?

Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse)

What is a common acute effect of stimulants according to the text?

Decreased need for sleep

Which psychomotor stimulant is derived from the leaves of the coca plant?


What was the original use of Coca Cola as per the information provided?

To prevent high altitude sickness

What mechanism of action do both cocaine and amphetamines refer to according to the text?

Dopamine reuptake transporters

Test your knowledge on stimulant medications commonly used to treat ADHD, including short-acting and long-acting options. Explore statistics on ADHD diagnosis and medication use from the CDC.

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