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Which statement about decontamination is true?

Decontamination removes, inactivates, or destroys living organisms on a surface to make them no longer infectious

What is the target range of different disinfectants?

Different disinfectants have different target ranges, not all disinfectants can kill all microorganisms

What is the main difference between sterilization and disinfection?

Sterilization kills all microorganisms, including bacterial spores, while disinfection eliminates most pathogenic microorganisms but not bacterial spores

What is the purpose of sanitization in the food industry?

To reduce microbes on eating utensils to safe, acceptable levels for public health

Which method of disinfection does not kill bacteria but separates them out?


What is the main difference between asepsis and antisepsis?

Asepsis focuses on achieving a microbe-free environment, while antisepsis targets making skin or mucus membranes devoid of pathogenic microorganisms.

What is bacteriostasis?

A condition where bacteria are inhibited in their multiplication without being killed.

What is the main factor affecting sterilization by heat?

The presence of organic material

Which physical method of sterilization is mainly responsible for spontaneous sterilization in natural conditions?


What are antibiotics?

Substances produced by one microbe that inhibits or kills another microbe.

Test your knowledge on the process of sterilization and disinfection, including the methods and agents used to achieve them. Learn about the elimination of microorganisms and the difference between sterilization and disinfection.

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