States of Matter: Exploring the 7 Forms of Substances

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What is the primary reason why degenerate matter is able to exist in white dwarfs and neutron stars?

Due to the high pressure that forces the atoms to be closely packed together

What is the primary component of electron-degenerate matter?


What is the role of gluons in a quark-gluon plasma?

To hold quarks together

What is the main characteristic of a quark-gluon plasma?

It is a plasma state of matter composed of quarks and gluons

Under what conditions can degenerate matter be formed?

Under extreme laboratory conditions

What is the name of the laboratory where scientists first created a quark-gluon plasma by smashing gold atoms together?

Brookhaven National Laboratory

What is the name of the organization where scientists first detected a quark-gluon plasma in 2000?


What is the result of super-compressing a gas?

It becomes a degenerate matter

What is the primary reason why atoms in degenerate matter are unable to move freely?

Because of the high pressure that forces the atoms together

What is the state of matter that first filled the universe following the Big Bang?

Quark-gluon plasma

Learn about the different states of matter, including the three familiar ones - solid, liquid, and gas - and discover the four others that are less well-known. Understand how substances can change their forms based on their environment.

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