Squash and Stretch
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Squash and Stretch

Test your knowledge on the first principle of animation, "squash and stretch." Discover how this fundamental principle brings life and realism to animated objects by emphasizing speed, momentum, weight, and mass. Challenge yourself with questions that explore the concepts and applications of squash and stretch in the world of animation.

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What is the first principle of animation described in the text?

squash and stretch

What does squash and stretch emphasize in animated objects?

speed, momentum, weight, and mass

What does the amount of squash and stretch in an object say about its mass?

The more squash and stretch, the softer the object. The less squash and stretch, the stiffer the object.

How can squash and stretch be applied to characters?

<p>It can be used to show the stretching from the speed of the character's movement and the squashing after landing before settling in a pose.</p> Signup and view all the answers

What can squash and stretch be used to exaggerate?

<p>Facial expressions</p> Signup and view all the answers

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